Big Game Hunting

Dating back millions of years, big game hunting for food is one of the oldest traditions pracitced by ancient human ancestors. At Huntourage, we are proud to be passing on the tradition. Our big gameRead More

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South Africa Bow Hunting - Archery Only

Among all outfitters in Africa, very few have the luxury of offering

Rates from $325/Night

Deluxe Big Game Hunting in South Africa

It would be fair to say that our partners in the Northern Cape, with

Rates from $425/Night

Free Range Hunting in Mozambique

Nhacainga Conservancy in Mozambique is one of Africa's last remaining

Rates from $500/day

Mozambique Bow Hunting (Free Range)

Bow hunting from duikers to elephants, stalking or from a blind or even

Rates from $440/day

Marco Polo Argali Hunting in Tajikistan

The majestic Pamir mountains of Tajikistan are some of the best territories

Rates from P.O.R

Dagestan Tur Hunting In Azerbaijan

Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan is one of the most extreme hunting

Rates from P.O.R

Markhor Hunting in Pakistan

Markhor Hunting is considered one of the greatest and most

Rates from P.O.R

Wild Boar Hunting in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a hidden gem for wild boar hunting. Similar to Turkey

Rates from P.O.R

Sindh Ibex Hunting in Pakistan

Hunting Sindh Ibex (Capra Aegagrus Blythi) in Pakistan is a very convenient

Rates from P.O.R

Altai Argali Hunting (Ovis Ammon Ammon)

The High Altai Argali (ovis ammon ammon) is the largest, most impressive

Rates from P.O.R