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At, we know how much time and money many of you commit to your hunting and fishing trips. Finding safe and trusted hunting outfitters on the other side of the world is not an easy job. Just because a hunting outfitter is highly ranked on a search engine like Google, doesn't mean you're going to have an amazing experience while hunting with them. They probably spent more money on internet marketing. And just because your friends returned satisfied from a hunt, doesn't mean there's no better outifitter that will exceed your expectations! There's only one way of finding the best hunting outfitters in the world, and it requires huge amount of effort, time and money. Huntourage does all this work to you for free. Our professional team of highly educated hunters spend countless hours of extensive research to find your dream hunting destinations. Every year, we travel to privileged hunting outfitters and feature only the best there is to our clients! By choosing to book a trip with Huntourage, you can rest assured! We've checked everything so you don't have to! 

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Central Asia Mountain Hunting

Explore Central Asia's Majestic Mountain Hunting Destinations Welcome

Africa Wingshooting

Huntourage - Your Ultimate Destination for Exhilarating

Europe Wingshooting

Experience the Best of European Wingshooting with Huntourage! Europe,

Wingshooting In Asia

Asia is home to some of the highest volume quail and duck

Argentina Wingshooting

A World Class Collection of Argentina Wingshooting

Southern Africa Bow Hunting

Africa bow hunting at it's utmost best is represented

Southern Africa Big Game Hunting

Africa is the dream hunting destination for many dedicated