About Huntourage

At Huntourage, you are dealing with obsessed hunters and outdoors enthusiasts like yourself. We are constantly traveling and working our butts off to find world-class hunting destinations that make your adventures unrivaled. Here's why It pays to book with Huntourage: 

  • Quality: At Huntourage, we screen many hunting outfitters and hunt with them at least once before sending you to the one that stands out. This experience will cost you a fortune! We do it for free.  
  • Same price, extra services: At Huntourage, we get paid by the outfitters that we have carefully chosen to represent. This means you pay exactly the same amount when you book through us as you would by booking through them. But by choosing Huntourage, you get honest consultation, personalized service, and with the amount of connections that we have, we match your specific budget and requirements to the outfitter that fits you best! 
  • Integrity: We tell it as it is! We believe that honesty is the only way forward in the hunting industry. 
  • Different goals: Hunting outfitters have a main goal to fill their hunting lodges and sell their quotas. At Huntourage our goal is to please our clients no matter what!
  • Business: Hunting outfitters tend to please Huntourage.com's clients more, simply because they want more business. Needless to say, we help them fill their hunting lodges more than any other individual client.
  • Camaraderie: Can't find hunting buddies to travel with? We'll jump on board! We're always down for hunting!  


Meet the team

Youssef Chagoury
Hunting Consultant, CEO

Professional hunting consultant

Mobile: 009613140992

Email: youssefchagoury@huntourage.com

Skype: youssefchagoury



Alissar Saade
Customer Support Manager

High standard hunting trip monitoring and feedback

Email: alissarsaade@huntourage.com

Skype: huntourage



Oussama & Hayssam
Tour Planning Coordinators

Special hunting tour planning to the most exciting destinations across the world

High attention to detail!