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At Huntourage, we’ve explored the the mountains and the oceans,  forests and savannas, all over the world for your dream hunting and shooting trips. We’ve established strong relationships with world-class outfitters and regularly monitor their operations. We can offer you expert consultation because we have been there and know precisely what every outfitter has to offer. We will tell you what to expect and can share photos and often videos of each destination. We provide detailed pre-trip information and checklists to ensure you’re solidly prepared for your next hunting or fishing adventure. We don’t just book you into proven outfitters; we will be there every step of the way. At, we’re proud to be serving ethical hunters and anglers from all over the world. Choose ANY OF OUR HUNTS and rest assured, you'll be hunting with safe and trusted outfitters!!!

Hunting By Species

Waterfowl Hunting

Ducks and geese have been hunted worldwide since prehistoric eras. Waterfowl can be hunted in their feeding areas such as crop fields, or near sour

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Upland Hunting

Upland hunting is the pursuit of upland birds including woodcocks, grouse, partridges, francolins, guinea fowls and many other species usually with

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Big Game Hunting

Dating back millions of years, big game hunting for food is one of the oldest traditions pracitced by ancient human ancestors. At Huntourage, we ar

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Hunting By Country

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Only the finest hunting programs in Argentina are represented at! From

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South Africa

HUNTING IN SOUTH AFRICASouth Africa is certainly one of the most

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United Kingdom

Whether you're walking with pointers in the Scottish highlands,

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Hosted Hunts

Quail and Dove Hunting in Pakistan
$3,250 All-Inclusive
September 9th-13th, 2019

HUNTOURAGE® invites you to experience the HIGHEST VOLUME quail hunt in the world! Join us in Pakistan during the PEAK Quail Hunting Season between September 9th and 13th 2019, and you can thank us later! Your daily score can be 100 quails/hunter before lunch time! Grab this opportunity before anyone else does...

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Premium Wing-shooting in South Africa
Starting $2,550
8 - 12th August 2019

If you’re looking for the perfect African bird hunting safari, you’ve come to the right place! You're invited to join Team Huntourage in South Africa to experience a very unique, yet world class hunting experience! There is no destination in the world that can beat the variety of species available in South Africa. You can shoot more than 10 species of birds in a single trip. Discover more