Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting in Tajikistan

Ibex hunting in Tajikistan is a tough mountain hunting experience, not for the faint-hearted! About 93% of Tajikistan's territory is occupied by mountains, and about half of that territory lies at an altitude of over 3000 meters! Imagine how physical a mountain hunting here can be... Some people use jeeps, and it gets to a point where you are no longer hunting, but only functioning as the shooter while the guide hunts. However, at Huntourage we only believe in fair chase and well-deserved trophies. You will be hunting Mid-Asian ibex (Larger in body size and horns than the Pamir ibex) in one of our top-notch hunting areas. Ibex hunting season starts on September 1st. Although the season lasts until February, most hunts take place from September until December, with late November-Early December being the rutting season.

After two extremely tough and challenging trips to the steep mountains of Tajikistan, the outcome was not only this spectacular 115 cm ibex, but it was the true wilderness experience, fantastic hunting, and exposure to amazing cultures. I wouldn't have made it without Huntourage and Youssef Chagoury.

- Roy. F

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