Mozambique Bow Hunting (Free Range)

Bow hunting from duikers to elephants, stalking or from a blind or even a combination of both can all be arranged with our experienced partners in Mozambique. While many bow hunting outfitters operate in concession blocks measuring thousands of acres, our bow hunting areas in Mozambique will take you back hundreds of years to old Africa, where you can hunt one million acres of 100% wild African lands! In fact, one of our clients who has been a dedicated bow hunter for many years argues that this spot in Mozambique is one of the best bow hunting destinations in Africa. Our partners have tons of experience with bow hunters, and helped many of them achieve their goals including record entries in the SCI. They have bagged their share, now it's your turn! 

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Hunting Packages

Bow Hunting Special



  • 7 days with 4 species:
  • Warthog
  • Impala
  • Reedbuck
  • Duiker


  • Inclusive of daily rates and trophy fees for these species
  • These animals are counted as part of the package whether taken or not
  • Animals cannot be exchanged 
  • Extra animals can be taken and extra days can be added as per price lists