Markhor Hunting in Pakistan

Markhor Hunting is considered one of the greatest and most expensive mountain hunting experiences in the world! Home to five subspecies of this majestic animal, It's no surprise that Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan: Astor or Astore markhor (Capra falconeri falconeri), Bukharan markhor (Capra falconeri heptneri), Kabul markhor (Capra falconeri megaceros), Kashmir markhor (Capra falconeri cashmiriensis) and Suleiman markhor (Capra falconeri jerdoni) can all be found in the majestic mountains of Pakistan (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan). At Huntourage, we take Your Markhor Hunt very seriously. We are avid mountain hunters, climbers and professional photographers ourselves. We will climb with you the highest mountains, take professional photos and videos of your entire adventure, and be there with you every step of the way! We invite you to experience one of the greatest hunting experiences on the planet!

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Astor Markhor

Living in the settlements of the Astor mountains, from which its name was derived, the Astor Markhor can only be found in Pakistan! Among all Markhor subspecies, the Astor markhor might be the least popular, but certainly not the easiest to hunt! Just like most mountain hunting experiences, a hunter must be in Sheep Shape to hunt this animal.


Kashmir Markhor

Even though rare, and very few get the chance or have the resources to hunt Kashmir Markhor, this is certainly one of the most famous Capra species available in Pakistan. Just like any Markhor hunt, It's nowhere near cheap to hunt this animal, mainly because very few permits are issued every year, to insure conservation through sustainable hunting!