Europe is one of Huntourage's most popular wing-shooting destinations! From the East all the way to the West, Huntourage has exclusive hunting outfitters in almost every country of the European continents! Below are some of the most sought after destinations:

UK is one of the most rewarding wing-shooting destinations on the planet. It might be famous for the sheer number of woodcocks available on the British isles, however, waterfowl hunting is gaining a huge popularity in the UK and is nothing less than perfect! 

Woodcock hunting in the UK: Eurasian woodcocks are some of the wildest and most elusive upland species to hunt in the world! At, we have been chasing this clever bird over highly trained pointing dogs since we were born. The elusiveness of the woodcock and it's fast acceleration make woodcock hunting one of the most challenging wing shooting adventures available to the passionate upland hunter. Based on both research and experience, Europe is considered the best spot on the planet for woodcock hunting. At, we have carefully chosen our woodcock, snipe and mixed bag hunting destinations according to the proven migration path of these birds. To compliment your woodcock hunting trip, most of our destinations happen to have other species available such as snipe, pheasants, hares, ducks and geese. You are invited to choose any of our woodcock, snipe and mixed bag hunting destinations for your next hunting adventure. You can thank us later! 

Bird Hunting in France: While France is very famous for its big game hunting, this beautiful country makes a wonderful opton for upland and waterfowl hunting as well. Duck shooting trips in Toulouse can be easily combined with wild boar hunting. On the other hand, driven and walked up pheasant shoots over pointers can be arranged just a couple of hours drive from Paris!