A World Class Collection of Argentina Dove Hunting Programs! 

If you Googled Dove Hunting in Argentina, You’ve come to the right place! There is no wing-shooting destination on earth that can beat Argentina high volume dove hunting. At Huntourage.com, we offer you an outstanding collection of dove hunting programs that will exceed your expectations! We have been there and are so confident that our award winning lodges will make your dove hunting trip an absolutely amazing experience! Our topnotch dove hunting programs include the top Beretta affiliated lodges in Argentina, Trip Advisor’s top ranked specialty lodges in Cordoba and winners of 2014 & 2015 certificates of excellence! We also offer you the most affordable dove hunting packages found in Argentina while maintaining a very high quality of shooting, service and accommodation. Dove hunting is justifiably featured at its ultimate best at Huntourage.com. Choose ANY of our world class dove hunting programs and let us blow your mind! At Huntourage.com we take your dove hunting trip very seriously. 

Dove Population: The number of doves inhabiting Argentina can rarely be encountered anywhere else in the world. Doves are found in unbelievable numbers in many provinces in Argentina such as Entre Rios, Santa Fe and the renowned wing shooting capital of the world, Cordoba. While not all areas in Argentina have the same populations of doves, all hunting lodges featured by Huntourage.com are home to some of the largest dove roosts in this country.

Dove Hunting Limits: Doves are considered pests in most agricultural areas in Argentina and therefore dove hunting in this country is unlimited! Argentina is one of the very few destinations in the world that offer unlimited hunting opportunities with very high success rates! (Beware of those who advertise unlimited hunting packages but cannot deliver what you expect in terms of bird numbers, you will end up shooting a handful of game birds). At Huntourage.com we value every dollar spent on your hunting trip and deliver what we promise!

Shooting Expectations:  “How many doves can I shoot per day?” is a very commonly asked question by first timers. The answer is you can shoot THOUSANDS of doves in a couple of hours during your hunt in ANY of the lodges represented at Huntourage.com. Keep in mind that your success rate is also based on both your shooting and financial capabilities. For example: If you’re expecting to shoot 1000 doves in a morning hunt, it’s absolutely doable in Argentina. In fact, a lot of our clients have averaged more than that in a single morning. But if you’re an average shooter, you will need at least 2000 cartridges to shoot 1000 doves. In most of our lodges, that’ll be around $1,020 in cartridges spent in a single morning. The bottom line is, you can shoot as many doves as your endurance and shooting capabilities allow you to as long as you can afford the price of the cartridges to do so.                                                

Dove specie: The bird that made high volume dove hunting in Argentina so popular is the Eared Dove (Zenaida auriculata).

Lodging: Just like every hunting camp represented on Huntourage.com, our dove hunting lodges run nothing less than flawless operations. If you have any special considerations including food preferences or anything specific please contact us ahead of time and let us cater to your needs.

Timing: Scheduling your Argentina Dove Hunt doesn’t get any better. This hunt in particular is open year round and can be scheduled at the time that best suits your calendar.