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From the tiny little dove to the monster water buffalo, Argentina has it all. Whether you’re a first timer or a veteran Argentina hunter, this country has always more to offer. In fact, many clients agree when it comes to wing shooting, Argentina puts every other hunting destination to shame. This popular South American country is an all time client favorite and is widely known as the best wing-shooting destination in the world. proudly offers you a complete portfolio of hunting programs in Argentina. Whether it’s Big Game, Dove, Pigeon, Perdiz or Duck Hunting, every program is handpicked and tried by our hunting experts… We stand behind the quality of our hunting trips and invite you to experience the best that Argentina has to offer.

Legendary Dove Hunting: Argentina is the world’s leading destination for high volume dove hunting. Countless doves filling the skies, unlimited dove hunting action and excellent lodging brings back thousands of dedicated wing shooters to Argentina every year.

World-class Duck Hunting: Not only is Argentina famous for high volume dove shooting, but also for some of the best duck hunting experiences that the world has to offer. Millions of ducks, liberal limits and very low hunting pressure make Argentina the number one destination for most waterfowl hunters.

Outstanding Decoyed Pigeon Hunting: It is a huge misconception that Pigeon and Dove hunting are the same. In fact, hunters compare this type of hunting to a duck hunt! Decoyed Pigeon Hunting is an exceptional experience and Argentina offers some of the best available in the world.   

Exciting Perdiz Hunting: Argentina is home to a fast and challenging upland bird called ‘Perdiz’ or ‘Spotted Tinamou’. Chasing Perdiz over highly trained dogs is a unique experience that makes an excellent addition for duck and dove hunters that care about the quality of the hunt rather than the number of birds.

Argentina Goose Hunting: Argentina used to have some of the best Goose hunting in the world. However, this type of hunting has been banned to protect a sub species of the Magellan goose called the Cauquén Colorado (Chloephaga rubidiceps) that has made the endangered species list. Unfortunately, a few outfitters still offer this hunt illegally in Argentina. At, we are very serious about conservation and proudly stand with the Argentine Government to enforce the law. We strongly advise you DO NOT BOOK A GOOSE HUNT TO ARGENTINA with any outfitter until at least a season pass without a ban. Stay tuned for our latest updates on Goose Hunting in Argentina.

Big Game Hunting: Buffalos, red deer, axis deer, wild boar, and four-horned sheep are just few out of many popular big game species that can be hunted in Argentina. At we offer some of the most convenient programs in Argentina by combining big game hunting and wing shooting from one lodge!

All this variety of hunting combined with first-rate operations and years of experience in the hunting industry make Argentina one of the ultimate hunting destinations in the world!

Argentina Reciprocity fee [+]

If you are a US, Australian or Canadian citizen, you will need to pay a reciprocity fee before you enter Argentina. This fee may vary depending on your nationality and can be paid via credit card by accessing the following websites:

Please follow the steps below to pay your Argentina reciprocity fee:

1.     Register at and obtain an entry code.

2.     Complete the form including personal and credit card details. This information and the entry code will be sent electronically to the DNM.

3.     After payment is processed, print the receipt.

4.     Upon arrival in Argentina, go to the DNM Office and present the printed receipt.

5.     DNM staff will scan the receipt and the data will be validated to enable entry to Argentina.

Weather in Argentina [+]

The weather in Argentina is tricky to summarize as the geographical diversity of the country gives rise to hugely varied weather conditions between the north and the south. If you are planning to travel the full length of the country then you need to be well prepared with appropriate clothing as well as taking into account the time of year you will be travelling in.





September, November

December to March

March and May

June, July and August


The subtropical north and northeastern parts of Argentina can get humid and sticky and the best time to visit is during the winter months when the temperature drops a bit and travelling becomes easier.

The central region is generally hot and humid and there is not a very dramatic change in climate between the seasons. Cities like Buenos Aires and Córdoba can therefore be slotted into your trip at any point.

The western side of Argentina is flanked by the Andes where the climate changes depending on how high the altitude. You may also find yourself amidst a zonda windstorm where hot, dry, dust-filled gusts swirl around for hours and sometimes even several days.